Frame by Frame Friday | Texture in the Body

In this week’s Frame By Frame Friday, Andrew frames through a sweet little shot from Zootopia. You can watch the video with Andrew’s thoughts and observations below!


video credit – Disney’s Zootopia
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February 9, 2018

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  1. That was so fantastic,andrew…thanks a ton….i have a question for you andrew?
    so it seems like there wont be any rules in animation..unless it doesn’t looks good and mis-communicates to the audience…?
    i mean what i have observed is that…the coach’s heads sometimes moved like a long necked ostrich..or even a crane,

    i mean no body would have an idea..of making a bear animate like that, but still it is.. on the character…so brilliant…i mean how do they decide the characterization..will those be done in tests..?

    • That is an excellent question!

      I think there are two things to consider here:
      1. Are they breaking the rules of animation?
      Well, not really. Timing, posing, arcs and all the normal rules for animation are still being obeyed.

      2. Can a bear really do this?
      The answer to that is no. Of course not. And, like you said, coming up with this motion was super creative by the animator.

      I would say that, all in all, they are following the rules for animation but totally breaking the rules fr how a bear is supposed to move. And I think that is one reason Zootopia is so visually interesting. They allow the animals to be the animals without forcing them to behave/move like the animals.

      They are really able to push the animation because they don’t care if a polar bear acts like a polar bear. In the end, entertainment value wins over physicality.

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