Harnessing Energy | Mass

Mass: The quantity of matter in a body regardless of its volume or of any forces acting on it. The term should not be confused with weight, which is the measure of the force of gravity acting on a body.

We think of mass in a number of ways. Perhaps most commonly as a large object moving slowly through a scene but, there is so much more to talk about! An object’s mass will effect it’s ability to pivot, change directions, and move through a space but, it will also effect the way the object is able to navigate that space. Choices a character makes will be decided, in part, by mass. And even the type of mass ( ridged, soft, strong) will effect the motion of a single mass. But what about multiple objects with different mass all working together to achieve a single action?

There is so much to talk about mass and how it effect motion that we may not be able to fit it all into this course. Regardless, we shall try.


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  1. Harnessing Energy | Mass


    A fundamentel animation concept well explain by the instructor. He explain well and now its all about executing on and on and on. Many Thanks Andrew !

  2. Believable weight


    Andrew explains hard concepts such as mass, density, volume and weight in this great course! It’s been nice to see another take at the famous bouncing balls, something so common to us animators, and how Andrew gives a more in-depth lecture on them.

    Then, those concepts are applied to how we can create believable weight in a character, and the importance of creating contrasts in the weight of objects to make them more appealing.

  3. really good lecture


    That Taylor animation is so cool!! Andrew explains his decisions to convey force and appeal in a character interacting with objects. It was very helpful to me.


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