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Potential Energy is a concept that most animators don’t hear about yet, it effects every movement a character makes.

If a character is stationary, how will it become active? Potential energy is a concept that drives so much of what we do. We need to dig into the idea of how characters and inanimate object might store potential energy. That way they can release it as Kinetic energy and get moving!

In this course we’re going to explore how inanimate and animate objects both interact with potential energy. We’ll talk about balance, center of gravity, energy loss and as well as many other topics that will assist you in animating solid, weighty animation. We’ll be giving you tools that you can take into any shot to animate believable physics and entertaining scenes.


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  1. Good


    A good topic to think about, but explained way to long and redundantly. Basically Andrew says “think about overlap, follow through, squash/stretch and exaggeration to display forces traveling through a body. Remind yourself where forces dissipate and where they are redirected.”

    • Hey Matthias,
      Thanks for the critical feedback! I’ll jump in there and see if I can streamline some of the communication of concepts a bit while still making it accessible for the brand new animator out there.

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